Sunday, 26 March 2023


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Entry - Exit Criteria of Hostels Hostels:

A) Admission criteria:

1 After the confirmation of vacant seats, NELRA calls applications through the public notice(Advertisement) in the daily national paper, Radio Nepal, and Television.

2 Eligible applicants are selected through the interview of parents and the children.

3 Child should himself/herself be a leprosy affected person,

4 Child should be a son or a daughter of a poor handicapped and helpless leprosy affected patients,

5 Children should be above 7 years,

6 Children form the far and remote area,

7 Children from the leprosarium ,

8 Children form the streets and public places,

9 Children from low cast or from down-trodden class


B) Exit Criteria,

1. If the child could not be adjusted at the hostel due to different reasons and the parents wants to get back their children,

  1. If the child above 5 grade could not be promoted (pass) in the annual examination
  2. If a boy or a girl wants to leave hostel with their own interest or interest of parents and leave the hostel we consider them as the drop outs.,
  3. If the boy or the girl complete the secondary school level.,
  4. If the boy or the girl gets serious disease,



Community Education Support Program