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Community Education Support Program

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Community Education Support Program
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There are some stories of the students who studied in their own community school

Mr. Shreekrishna Acharya

Shree Krishna Acharya-17, is a son of Mr.Meghnath Acharya studying in a local school named Jorpati secondary school, Kavre. Mr. Meghnath is a leprosy affected person with visual deformity. He is having four members in the family with one daughter and one son. Shree Krishna is getting scholarship since 1996. This year, he is studying in class 10 and preparing for the matriculation exam. Unfortunately, Shree Krishna felt sick and underwent to a hernia operation four month ago. He took bed rest for about two months which might have affected his study. He is trying to recoup the loss.

We visited his home and school some 35 km east of Kathmandu on 7th of this November. Shree Krishna has got a small mud made home at the side of a hill terrace in Tinpiple. A milky cow also found tied in the same small floored home. Shree Krishna also found helping in domestic works. We became very happy that the father of Shree Krishna, a deformed patient, is doing hard labour to maintain his family living. When we asked about the progress of Shree Krishna to the Head Teacher of the school nearby the home, he said that the performance is satisfactory and doing best for the forthcoming examination. We also asked Shree Krishna to do best effort for the exam.

Shree Krishna knows about the grant of Motor Boat Racers for the study of the children of poor and handicapped leprosy patients in Nepal. He along with his parents have expressed deep and heart full thanks for the generous support. They also said that they wound remember throughout their lives.

Ms. Sharmila Bhujel

Sharmila Bhujel, is studying in class 3 in a private school named St.Devi's secondary school. It is a English Boarding School. When asked to the class teacher about her study he said 'she is normally doing better at the class' Sharmila is the daughter of Mr.Ramji Bhujel and Mrs. Sita Bhujel originally lived in Lapsiphedi VDC at the outskirt of Kathmandu valley. However, Ramji has left his home for job and stays in the rented room at Sankhu. Ramji says 'the cost of the school is more than the scholarship from NELRA whereas, the school management has also supported for boarding stay and for monthly fee.

Mr. Ramji is a leprosy victim and he has got ulcer problem in his foot.

Mr. Ramji says 'Sita the mother of three children, left home and got away with another husband considering the economic weakness of the family'. Ramji has no land for agricultural cultivation and he is compelled to do labour work for living. His two sons Prakash and Rabi are studying under NELRA run hostel. Sharmila goes to see her father Ramji every Saturday, the weekly holiday.

Mr Ramji is grateful to Motorboat racers for the financial help to his daughter's study which is being used as the subsidy. He hopes to get the support continued.


Mr Sunil Dahal

Mr. Sunil Dahal aged 14 is studying in class 8th. at Tej BinayaK Secondary School in Gathaghar, Kathmandu. This is a public co-education school with 650 students. When asked about the study of Sunil, principle Mr Madhu Timilsina replied that he is a very good gay. Both of his study and extra curriculum activities are being found satisfactory. He is the first boy in the class. His friends do not discriminate him in the school. He is one of the best students in the school. While we were at his home he was doing school home works. We found him dedicated to study. He assured us that if the scholarship would be continued he would do better and better in the years to come to secure excellent position in the matriculation examination too. He plans to get higher education in applied science.

Mr. Hom Nath Dahal aged 56, the father of Sunil Dahal is the resident of Gothatar Kathmandu. Home Nath is a deformed and handicapped leprosy patient. Whereas, his wife is a none leprosy one . He suffered from leprosy after he got married 1986. Sunil is the only son of the couple. Mr. Hom Nath has a small home with two rooms on a peace of land he got as the parental property. He could built home through the fund granted by a philanthropic donor. Prior to this, the family were living in a small thatched shade.

Hom Nath is very happy to get scholarship for the study of his son. He has expressed deep greetings Motor Boat Racers for granting the fund in the education of the poor and helpless leprosy patients. His son Sunil also found grateful and thanked a lot to the donor of his study.

Ms.Pratibha Chaudhari

Pratibha Chaudhari aged 12 is studying in class 5 at Tilangatar Higher Secondary School in Tilangatar village of Kathmandu district. This is a public school with 1400 students at present. When asked to the class teacher about her study he said 'Pratibha is a sincere and laborious girl in the class and she is doing good day by day'. A team of Japanese visitors led by the president of APMR Mr. Kazuo Nonaka had visited this school while they were in Kathmandu on Nov.29th . They talked to Pratibha and her father at that moment. The principle of the school had welcomed the distinguished guests.

Pratibha is the second daughter of Mr. Hari Prasad Chaudhari and Prem Kumari Chaudhari. Both the spouse have visible deformity with the effect of leprosy. They have two daughters and one son. Mr Hari Prasad-36, originally resided in Panchnagar VDC of Nabalparadi district(about 150km south west of Kathmandu). He was affected by leprosy in his childhood. He got treatment in INF Pokhara and also got married to an inmate of female ward of the same hospital. He does not have parental property and thus he migrated to Kathmandu in 1996. At the time he came to Kathmandu he did not have shelter to live. However, he managed to live in a plastic shade in the river bank of kathmandu and started begging on the streets. Gradually, the couple changed their occupation and started tailoring and painting works after getting some trainings and thereby they have made their livelihood easy. Nowadays, his family live in a single roomed hot built in the same space.. All the three children are studying in the same school. NELRA has granted scholarship support to two daughters-the elder daughter gets scholarship through NELRA's own internal source and the younger daughter gets through the fund of Motor Boat Racers whereas the

The couple of Hari Prasad is very much pleased to have two scholarships for his daughters. He expressed lot of greetings to Motor Boat Racing and NELRA for the generous help. He is hoping to get the support until his daughters would finish higher secondary.

Ms. Laxmi Tamang

Ms. Laxmi Tamang 13 years is the student of 6th class in Bhawani Secondary School, Ranipauwa, Trisuli. It is about 30 Km north west from the centre of Kathmandu to her school. After two hours drive we arrived at the school. Our mission to visit Laxmi's place was to know the progress of Laxmi in her study, to get the information about the attitude of teachers and the community students towards her and to know the economic status of her family. Over 1000 students studying in this school. We talked to Laxmi, to the teachers, to her class mates about her study, her behavior etc. The response of the teachers and the friends towards Laxmi were found quite normal and satisfactory. We did not get any hate or discriminatory behavior on her, nor there was any sign of stigma against leprosy. Then, I thought, she should be one of the lucky daughters of a deformed leprosy patients. The performance of Laxmi is found to be good too . Her class teacher told us that she falls in top ten in the mass of more than 100 students of her class. We asked her to do hard labor in study and try to get the result excellent. She was very much impressed at our presence at her school and home. She said 'I will do my best to secure good marks'.

Bir Bahadur Tamang aged 44 is a victim of leprosy in his 20s . He has been suffering from the deformity of his hand. He has got a small home at Okharpauwa VDC-6 Hilebhitta in Trisuli district. He has got a small plot of land to grow food grains. However, the production is not enough even for a quarter months of a year. We found him laborious and enterprising when we reached up to his house climbing some rocks and terrace. There were four goats, three cows and three buffalos at the thatched shades attached to his ground floored tin roofed house. Bir Bahadur is found managing his family living by some vegetable farming and small cattle farming. His wife is a normal person. They have got one son and two daughters. Laxmi is the first daughter. NELRA has been providing scholarship for Laxmi only. Bir Bahadur approached NELRA in 1999. Since then Laxmi is getting scholarship. He came to know the service of NELRA while he was under treatment in Anandaban Hospital.

Bir Bahadur is quite aware of the importance of education although he is not literate. He said that He would educate his children as far as he can get support . He also found to be happy for the scholarship grant and said his daughter would be qualified by this . He thanked to Motor Boat Racers for the grant of scholarship fund. Student Laxmi Tamang also thanked the donor for extending valuable assistance for her study.
Mr. Sonam Shrestha

Mr. Sonam Shretha-22 was a student of Sitaram Higher Secondary school . He got school scholarship through the fund granted by Motor Boat Racers for the year 2003. Although Sonam was from a very poor family his mother Kanchhi Shrestha was managing his study by begging. However NELRA came in contact to him in 2003 while he was in standard 10th. Sonam was a bright student of the school. He passed SLC in first division securing 73% marks.

Sonam is a younger son of Kahchhi who is very poor, helpless and handicapped woman suffering from leprosy. Mrs. Kahchhi had entered into the conjugal life with an army soldier some 32 year back. It was her love marriage, she says. Kancchi was a beautiful girl up the age of 20 years. She got married at the age of 17 years. She has got two sons. After her husband knew that she is suffering from leprosy he abandoned her with two children and got married with another woman. We found her in a very miserable condition physically and economically. She did not care the disease suffering from rather she tried to hide it fearing that she would be discarded by her relatives and society. Later when deformity started Kanchhi wandered here and there in search of treatment. Ultimately, she knew about Anandaban Leprosy Hospital and went there for treatment. Now she is walking with the help of arm stick as she lost one leg. Her hands are also half deformed. After released from hospital she came in contact to NELRA. Afterwards, NELRA provided her a village style home with some land to grow some food grain. Now she is happy at her won residence.

Sonam was very much interested to study physics or biology but he could not do so due to low economic status. He studied management in +2. Meanwhile, he compelled to find a job for his hand to mouth problem. Fortunately, he got chance to join Nepal Army. He is under Army Training at present. At the time when I went to see him at his home in the out-skirts of Kathmandu ie. Ramkot VDC-2, on 26th October I found him very happy with the Motor Boat Racers and Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation and NELRA as well. He was really obliged to these institutions for their philanthropic contribution in regards to the education of the children of leprosy patients. He said that the contribution is much more valuable for those people like him. He would remember this for whole life.